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Mini phone dual sim ka08 mobile

Would you dual to update merchandise information or spring feedback on images? Dual mobile device clock: 5 groups, support alarm system clock when machine's closed, can set from Mon to Billy Sunday 16. For the past 15 years, we are serving China? ? ? vast, modernizing markets for the Communication needs.

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Mini Phone Dual Skate Ka08 Mobile

IPhone like a mini size, the mini iPhone supports no multi-touch.Meanwhile, it put mass capital for high quality R&D testing apparatus to establish the most advanced acoustic facilities With a main focus on marketing innovative, leading technological products, our goals are achieved through interconnecting Olyeem? ? ? professional workforce with its customers to identify problems and provide solutions..

It supports Bluetooth and up to 8GB of microSD cards.

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Mini Phone Dual Sim Laminate Mobile

Mini dual touching screen - Easy-to-use and responsive touching blind role for smooth navigating. Mini dual iPhone comes with a 2.6-inch touch screen and a QVGA camera.

Like some other iPhone clones, Mini iPhone has two SIM card slots.

Mini Phone Dual Sim Ka08 Mobile

Dual picture, caller band Tone, caller video recording 13.

0.3 Megapixel camera for the image and video-function Solomobi test put out biggest size is 640 born 480-5."Ultralight phone Beginning tegra 3 earpiece s are smart and efficient.iphone-Style-Menu - menu touchscreen Slick and familiar has everything you need, packaged with memory card memory inside, support extend card Max support 2 G, ScreenDisplay size 2.4" screen resolution QVGA Sub? 220 x 176? Screen Type STNDisplay color 256 K ColorsSupport Format Type polyphonic ringtones MP3 Audio.HOT promotion sale! Mini phone series

Extend to 8GB MP3MP4: MP3MP4 player FM: FM radio BLUETOOTH: 2.0 bluetooth stereo earphone, supporting data transmission Calling time: 2-3Hour Language: "English.Stereo Loud speaker, 64 chord ring tones 6.Dual SIM card dual standby at the same time small body(87*49*12mm) slide to unlock Bluetooth A2DP E-book reader MP4, MP3 color: WHITEORPINKorBlackorBlue(If_you_don't_advise_which_color_you_like,_we_will_ship_you_thePINKone.) TTS: Voice change menu pages of side-sliding(2pages) quad-band read: GSM85090018001900MHz language: EnglishFrenchSpanishPortuguesItalianGermanBahasa..